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logIQDoc™ Partnership

The features of the logIQDoc™ solutions insure that by integrating with the products and the existing infrastructure it will increase the product and services portfolio for our Partners, create added value and increase the common business opportunities.

We welcome any company who wants to distribute logIQDoc™, as well as to integrate logIQDoc™ with its other solutions and sell it as a integrated solution. We offer various cooperation schemes for Partners working in the information technology market.

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  • ShopIQ online store - the complete e-commerce solution

    ShopIQ is an e-commerce application that allows connecting your company with its customers through its online store, with administering and online publishing of the products and/or services offered by your company, and allows the potential buyers to browse and submit online orders.


    The growth rate for the online store businesses has been and continues to be very high in the last years.

    ShopIQ would be a very good choice for you if you want to start an online store.

    For more detailed informations, visit the product website: http://www.shopiq.ro

  • logIQDoc Enterprise Document Management

    logIQDoc is an electronic enterprise document management system of the next generation, which systematically manages and utilizes the unstructured digital information from inside and outside the company. It allows your company to reduce costs associated with the potential non-compliance and personal liability issues and with document searching, creation, securing, archiving and auditing.


    logIQDoc Enterprise Document Management System v.1.x has been tested and meets the criteria for the Microsoft "Platform Test for ISV Solutions" program: Platform Test: Windows Server + Managed Code + SQL Server 2005 + Web services and .NET Framework. Testing was conducted independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies.

    For more detailed informations, visit the product website: http://www.logiqdoc.eu

  • logIQKey - free software for securing your valuable data


    logIQKey is a powerful application used to secure your data and it is very easy to use, and we offer it as a free download. Use it to exchange critical documents with your partners in a simple and secure way.

    It uses a non-reversible algorithm, this means that the password cannot be recovered, as opposed to office, pdf, zip and other "password-secured" documents. This way your files/documents are really encrypted and protected.

    Whenever you send an email, it will "travel" in internet in an unsecure way, and may be stored in one or more servers before you can dowload it, allowing someone interested in you data to get it and read it. By using the logIQKey strong encryption, you data is really protected.

    You can even encrypt an entire folder: logIQKey will first zip the folder, and then encypt the obtained zip file just like any other file.

    logIQKey is integrated into the Windows contextual menu and the shell, and it is smart enough to recognize if a file should be encrypted, or is already encrypted and should instead be decrypted.

    FREE Dowload to start securing your valuable information