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ShopIQ - the complete e-commerce solution The complete
e-commerce solution

ShopIQ is an e-commerce application that allows connecting your company with its customers through its online store, with administering and online publishing of the products and/or services offered by your company, and allows the potential buyers to browse and submit online orders

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logIQDoc - Enterprise Document Management system Enterprise Document Management System

logIQDoc™ is an electronic enterprise document management system of the next generation, which systematically manages and utilizes the unstructured digital information from inside and outside the company. It allows your company to reduce costs associated with the potential non-compliance and personal liability issues and with document searching, creation, securing, archiving and auditing.

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Our Clients

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  • premiaweb logo

    PREMIAWEB, Cusano Milanino - Italy

    Premiaweb is a web publishing company specializing in the creation and management of thematic websites. Operating since 2000, over the years Premiaweb has launched, growed and and managed several sites that have become leaders in Italy in their respective fields.

    The Mission of Premiaweb is to create and grow quality products with a strong focus on user experience.

    www.agriturismo.it, www.matrimonio.it & www.travelfool.it are the leader websites published by Premiaweb.

  • trixa logo

    Trixa s.n.c., Saronno(VA) - Italy

    Trixa is an Information Tecnology company specialised in business consulting and software development for the management of the small and medium enterprises (SMBs)

    The Mission of Trixa is to constantly search the complete customer satisfaction by designing and developing advanced solutions aimed at improving the efficiency of business processes and for better business management.

  • www.baan.com now a fully owned subsidiary of www.infor.com

    INFOR  ITALIA, Milano - Italy

    Infor™ is the world's third largest business software company. It has 2,200 professional services specialists and implementation partners in more than 50 countries and has more than 70.000 clients world-wide. Infor offers a full range of enterprise business software including customer relationship management, enterprise asset management, enterprise resource planning, financial management, performance management, product lifecycle management, supplier relationship management, and supply chain management, transportation logistics and warehouse management software.

    Some of Infor's clients where atypIQ is (has been) involved:
    - Koelliker Gestioni SPA (Milano-Italy);
    - Marconi (Genova-Italy);
    - Selex Communications (Genova-Italy);
    - Gammacroma (Crema-Italy);
    - Sogeffi UK, Sogeffi France, S&
    - T Services Polska (Poland); ecc

  • www.a-cci.com the italian partner of www.ids-scheer.com

    A-CCI, Milano - Italy

    A-CCI is one of the italian partners of IDS Sheer (the global leader in Business Process Management & Optimization) and helps selling and implementing in Italy its' ARIS Process Platform product family, an integrated and complete tool portfolio for design, implementation and controlling of business processes.

    Some of A-CCI's clients where atypIQ is (has been) involved:
    - Siemens Italia (Milano-Italy);
    - Osram Italia (Milano-Italy);
    - Banca Intesa (Milano-Italy);
    - Barklays Bank (Roma - Italy);
    - FIAT Automobili (Torino-Italy);
    - FINMECANICA Italia

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