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ShopIQ - the complete e-commerce solution The complete
e-commerce solution

ShopIQ is an e-commerce application that allows connecting your company with its customers through its online store, with administering and online publishing of the products and/or services offered by your company, and allows the potential buyers to browse and submit online orders

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logIQDoc - Enterprise Document Management system Enterprise Document Management System

logIQDoc™ is an electronic enterprise document management system of the next generation, which systematically manages and utilizes the unstructured digital information from inside and outside the company. It allows your company to reduce costs associated with the potential non-compliance and personal liability issues and with document searching, creation, securing, archiving and auditing.

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atypIQ Software is a reliable Outsourcing resource for software development, offering high quality and cost effective services and products


The world economy is changing fast. To succeed today in a global market, companies have to become more flexible. You have to cut costs, diminish the production cycles, focus on your own core activity.


You no longer have to waste your time, energy and money to hire and train the local expensive software specialists to accomplish your project. We can outsource your project (or parts of it) at a lower price and even better quality.



These are some reasons why you should use the IQ of our company:

  • Excelent tehnical background of the romanian programmers (Romania is among the top nations in the world in the IT tehnical field)
  • The IT Romanian school is well known in US, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, France and other EU countries
  • Very good quality/price ratio when compared to the Western countries, and even to India or to China
  • Great mobility and flexibility of the labour force in the conditions of a booming economy
  • Strong cultural afinities with the western world; very good speakers of foreign languages (english, italian, french, german etc)
  • Great place for nearshoring - it takes less than a couple of hours to reach Bucharest from the main european cities



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  • 06-November-2009
    atypIQ software is partecipating at the DOCUBUSINESS 09 Event in Milan, Italy.

    DocuBusiness09 is an event that represents document and information management, with the paradoxes the user can trip up over and the integration and implementation solutions to be adopted. Great italian business cases of successful implementations of Document Management strategies, in almost all the industries (from banking to manufacturing, from insurance to car service)..
    It isnít a conference - it isnít an exhibition. DocuBusiness09 is an EXPERIENCE
  • 26-June-2008
    atypIQ has achieved the Microsoft Certified Partner ISV certification.

    The Microsoft Partner Program recognizes our expertise, rewards atypIQ for it's impact in the technology marketplace, and delivers tools and resources. This means that atypIQ's developers have access to the latest Microsoft solutions to ensure seamless integration and implementations for customers wanting to streamline business processes across the enterprise.
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